Donna Leslie

Donna Leslie

Why Do You Volunteer With I'm Hooked?

 I am passionate about serving youth, families, and communities in the Portland Metro, and surrounding areas by volunteering my time at I'm Hooked events that enhance positive youth development and outdoor experiences.  I want to be involved because I truly believe in actively participating in outdoor educational events that create fun, life-long memories and opportunities that may not otherwise be available to youth living in large cities.

 I have participated in the Hagg Lake Free Fish Day event for about 16 or 17 years. I am absolutely committed to keeping this annual event, as well as other I'm Hooked events continuing into the future. 

What Background Do You Bring to I'm Hooked, Inc.

I am an Oregon native growing up in Northeast Portland. I graduated from Grant High School in 1984, and attended the University of Oregon where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from in 1988. I currently work for Portland Parks & Recreation where I have been since 2000.

I just love to be outdoors. Whether its biking, hiking, sailing, or just exploring, I am always game for a new adventure. My board photo was taken while exploring the  top of Independence Pass outside of Aspen, Colorado.
Posted on: March 20, 2018