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Our focus is on building positive family and youth engagement opportunities in nature through community-based recreational and educational events in the outdoors. Volunteers from Oregon and Washington’s urban and rural areas are networking with local communities, schools, youth service programs, community centers, and other youth organizations to provide an opportunity for a fun-filled day of fishing filled with outdoor-related activities that may not otherwise be available to them. The Salmon Life Cycle activity, Hunter’s Association Trailer of wildlife examples, boating experience, bird identification game, building macroinvertebrates, and fish casting station are some of our most popular activities among many others. 

For most of these kids, these events have been their first experience out fishing and for a few the first time out of their own community. We are planning to expand our outreach efforts and partner with other organizations throughout Oregon and Washington. Our outreach efforts in Oregon and Washington include events with activities and educational opportunities that align with science educational requirements in the school systems. Our goal is to partner with and support any other organizations that may benefit from the resources we have developed over the years.

Over the past four years, we have partnered with the US Fish & Wildlife Service through a cooperative agreement where we expand our joint outreach efforts and promote and attend each other’s annual events. Our most important shared goal is simply to get kids out into nature. We have also been engKids fishing along a creek sponsorshipaged with both the Oregon and Washington Departments of Fish & Wildlife. Due to the success of our program, we have expanded our programming throughout Oregon and Washington.

We are excited to announce that this year will be our 3nd year hosting our youth & family fishing event at Henry Hagg Lake on the free fishing weekend. This advancement is due to our dedicated volunteers and the essential support from organizations, government entities, businesses and community partners like yours. You can view our partnership with the US Fish & Wildlife Service here.

As founder and CEO/President, we are asking for you to consider I’m hooked event sponsorship through financial or in-kind donations. I’m Hooked, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization. Our Tax ID number is: 37-1589013. You’ll find an interest form below.

You can view some of our upcoming events here.

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