Great Outdoor Experience 2021

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As champions of the outdoor community experiences, I’m Hooked Inc., engaged in the R3 movement of recruitment, retention, and reactivation to strategically increase participation in outdoor recreational activities.

Outdoor recreation activities are a fundamental component to a healthy lifestyle, and a way to achieve a balanced physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being. We thank you for your participation at this outdoor event.

2021 Events

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Horning’s Hideout: Thanks to the collaboration with our many sponsors, I’m Hooked Inc., was able to provide a great outdoor experience for children, youth and families.

  • Horning's HIdeout at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Bear Decoy at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Fish cleaning station at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Fish Identification at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Preparing for outdoor experiences at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Identifying Pelts at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Building crafts  at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Binocular Training at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Bicycle Safety  at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Safe Fishing  at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Kids learning to fish at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Practice Self-Regulation at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Live Jacket Safety at I'm Hooked 2021
  • NW Family Daycation at I'm Hooked 2021
  • Fitness Exercises at I'm Hooked 2021

This is a list of the organizations that participated at Horning’s Hideout.

  • Hacienda CDC: Hacienda CDC is a Latino Community Development Corporation that strengthens families by providing affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement, and educational opportunity. Hacienda serves youth through three major programs: Portland Niños, Expresiones, and SUN Youth Advocacy. Our programs offer a variety of important education and social support services to children from birth to eighth grade. We provide children with academic support, cultural enrichment, and health services that help them reach their full potential.
  • Harkins House Juvenile Shelter Program: The Washington County Juvenile Shelter (Harkins House) is a short-term temporary residential shelter care and evaluation program. The program provides evaluation and individual care for delinquent youth pending alleged violations of the law who volunteered to participate in lieu of detention. The program provides evaluation and individual care for delinquent youth pending alleged violations of the law who volunteer to participate in lieu of detention.
  • Multnomah County (CHI) Program: The Community Healing Initiative (CHI) Early Intervention and Prevention Programs are a community-based and family-focused effort designed to prevent and reduce delinquency, address root causes, and augment community safety and connection. Community Healing Initiative (CHI) is designed to decrease youth violence by providing culturally appropriate community support to youth and families. The CHI model uses targeted supervision, intervention, and prevention strategies on families of probation youth who are likely to be involved in violent activities, specifically gun violence.
  • Northwest Family Services: NWFS supports family stability, child well-being, and victims of crime by focusing on the social determinants of health. NWFS programs and services include health and social service navigation, youth prevention and intervention programs, outpatient alcohol and drug treatment, coalition support for drug-free communities, support for youth and families affected by incarceration, youth education and employment, restorative justice, mental health services, job readiness and placement, parenting, healthy relationship education, and more. A total of 300 Elementary, Middle, and High School age youth attended with parents and mentors as well.
  • Tualatin School District (LIFTT): The program, entitled Leadership, Integrity for Today and Tomorrow (LIFTT), is a targeted prevention effort for youth at Tualatin High School who may be struggling with poor attendance, academic failure, and/or behavior issues LIFTT Program Mission increases academic personal success through community mobilization, relationship building, pro-social development and the generation of opportunity for connections. A team of dedicated staff, including the program coordinator and Juvenile Counselor, all work to provide support, specialized training, and pro-social activities to help youth feel more connected to school and motivated to actively participate in their education. A Total of fifteen High School youth attend with mentors.
  • Black Community of Portland (BCP): A community-based organization that promotes sustainability, self-sufficiency, higher learning & empowerment among black communities, and a passion for networking, sharing resources, and collective work. Little Africa, The Coalition of Black Men, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church camped during their experience at the I’m Hooked Inc., Great Outdoor Experience.
  • ELSO: (Experience Life, Science, and Outdoors) Wayfinders Program: The Wayfinders Program is a STEAM-based camp for K-8th graders that focuses on life science, ecology, community, and cultural history. Wayfinders takes a multicultural approach to science education and uses the natural world to connect and teach culturally relevant science and environmental education. Our goal is to create future black and brown community/science leaders. ELSO focuses on STEAM and environmental education with a focus on confronting the very human impact of systems of oppression. Thanks to the collaboration with the Oregon Fishing Club, I’m Hooked Inc., was able to provide a fishing experience for the children and youth with ELSO Wayfinders program.