Mission Statement

Our mission is to use fishing as a platform to reach youth and families, providing them with opportunities to escape the distractions of urban and rural life and reconnect with each other through the great outdoors.

We offer opportunities to interact with other youth from diverse cultural backgrounds, develop new skills including leadership and relationship building preparing them to make a difference in their community. Our goal is to instill an appreciation for nature, conservation, restoration, and education.

We focus on:


We provide all youth the opportunity to receive mentored, one-on-one training in fishing basics, techniques, equipment, angling ethics, safety and responsibility to nature.  Our mentors help build self-esteem, self-respect, independence, and integrity.


Through our community connections, we work with community organizations to identify youth with mentors.  We work with community businesses to provide the needed equipment and we gather our mentors from throughout the community in an effort to promote continual yearlong mentoring opportunities.


Through our connections with conservation organizations and government agencies, we educate in the art, science, and sport of fishing.  Teaching the importance of healthy conservation programs and the effects of conservation on the ecosystem.


We teach youth to give back by creating volunteer/service opportunities at events and activities in our local metro area.