Our Board Members

Wilbert Warren

President & Chief Executive Officer
Wilbert (Wil) Warren, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of I’m Hooked Inc. Wil’s passion for fishing and the appreciation of the great outdoors began during his childhood years of fishing with his father. He has a strong passion for teaching, coaching and developing individuals to believe in themselves so they can reach their full potential.
Wil is a graduate of Grant High School class of 1973. He graduated from the Western Oregon University with a BA in Social Science and Secondary Education. He attended Warner Pacific College where he earned a master’s degree in Religion, specializing in Pastoral Care Counseling.
Wil has been employed in the Social Services industry for 30 years. He utilizes his education, background, experience and mostly his passion for supporting individuals to achieve their goals. Warren's philosophy is working to build relationships, partnerships, education, and understanding within all communities by meeting people where they are through love, compassion, dignity and respect.

Donna Leslie

Vice President
Donna Leslie, a resident of NE Portland, Oregon, is the Vice-President of I’m Hooked, Inc. She graduated from US Grant High School and received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Oregon in 1988. Donna has worked for Portland Parks & Recreation since October of 2000. She first became involved with I’m Hooked, Inc. by bringing volunteers to the Hagg Lake event in a 15-passenger van. She has participated in the Henry Hagg Lake free fish day event for about 20 years. She is committed to keeping this annual event, as well as other annual I'm Hooked, Inc. events continuing well into the future. Donna is passionate about serving youth, families, and communities in the Portland Metro, and surrounding areas by volunteering her time at I'm Hooked events that enhance positive youth development and outdoor experiences. Donna truly believes in actively participating in outdoor educational events that create fun, life-long memories and opportunities that may not otherwise be available to youth living in large cities. She just loves to be outdoors. Whether it's biking, hiking, sailing, or just exploring, she is always game for a new adventure. Below is a picture of her exploring the outdoors: This is taken at the top of Independence Pass in Colorado.
Eileen Reynolds, Portland

Eileen Reynolds

Volunteer Coordinator
Eileen has a love for volunteer activities. As her now, 2 adult children grew up, she was an ever-present “parent” at the school helping foster amazing opportunities for growing teens. She has a love for the great outdoors and especially for anything around water. Volunteering for I’m Hooked allows her to participate in exposing youth to new adventures that they might not otherwise get to do. Asking other adults to help in these exciting adventures is what her role on the Board is focused on! Eileen has lived all over the west coast, originally from California, before leaving to attend Arizona State University where she got her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She went on to complete her Masters in Healthcare Administration providing over 40 years of caring for others.
Cherrell G Edwards El Portland

Cherrell G Edwards El

Cherrell is a Portland native who earned her Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Warner Pacific College. She has 15+ years of experience as a Professional public health consultant. In 2004 she founded Collective Care Services a non-profit that provided education and empowerment services to women and children at risk for and living with chronic health conditions. Which lead to the establishment of LiveWell With Cherrell a consulting firm that promotes wellness as and a lifestyle when put into action. She enjoys hosting workshops and events that build individual and community skills to Live Well by preventing and managing chronic health conditions. Cherrell joined I’m Hooked because she was amazed at the wonderful outdoor activities provided to youth and their families. She was impressed by the number of immigrant families who had access to I’m hooked and valued the inclusive and diverse approach of the program. Cherrell had a desire to see urban youth get better exposure to fishing, hunting, wildlife, and outdoor activities. As a single parent Cherrell wanted greater exposure to the outdoors for herself and her children so she began to volunteer and help to introduce more children and families to I’m Hooked events.